How Auto Body Shop Differs from an Auto Mechanic Shop

How Auto Body Shop Differs from an Auto Mechanic Shop

Perhaps, your van has developed some problems, and you’re now wondering whether to take it to an auto body repair or auto mechanic shop. Well, no matter the case, you shouldn’t worry because you aren’t alone in this. There are numerous differences between a car body repair and a mechanic shop. Unfortunately, only a few people understand the difference between the two.

By looking at the services offered, we can establish the differences between an auto body repair shop and a car mechanic shop. For example, body repair shops only work on the car’s body and other associated components on the surface. On the other hand, auto mechanic centers repair all mechanical components. These include the engine system and all other moving parts of the car.

Some Services Offered at a Car Body Shop

You’ll find the following services at any nearby car body repair shop. However, the perfection of the outcomes will depend on the reputation and professionalism of the agency you choose.

  • Repair or Replacement of Broken Bumpers – Depending on the damage severity, your van’s bumper may require restorations or a complete replacement. Luckily, all car body shops provide such services.
  • Paint Repair or Reapplication – Paint repairs are ideal for minor damages such as small cracks. However, paint reapplication involves the entire car’s body to give it a new attractive look.
  • Dent Removal – Auto body shops perform two types of dent repair. The first is the Paintless Dent Repair used on minor dents. On the other hand, complex damages require painting to fix.

Some Services Offered at an Auto Mechanic Shop

As we’ve already stated, any service involving the engine and other mechanical components will take you to a car mechanic center. Some of them include;

  • Brake Repair and Replacement – The braking system’s components, like the brake pads, wear out with time. After specified periods, you must take them to an auto mechanic shop for repair or replacement. 
  • Oil Change – The engine oil plays two critical functions. It cools the engine and lubricates all its moving parts. A car mechanic center will examine your engine and recommend the appropriate engine oil for replacement.
  • Sparkplugs Replacement – The sparkplugs produce the energy necessary for burning the fuel. You may experience hard starts if worn out, or the engine horsepower may drop significantly. Always work with the best service providers for superior quality replacements.

There you have it. Decide whether to visit an auto body shop or a mechanic, depending on the service you want.